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Stela Urbanc - Gandalf Tattoo

Gandalf Tattoo

My creative path began in my childhood, while my drawing kit and the smell of fresh paper were the greatest thrill for me.

In 1999. I finished The Faculty of Textile Technology as a fashion designer. In 2000 I got a job at Tattoo Studio Gandalf, where my dearest mentor taught me how to hold a broom, to wash glasses, to communicate with people, how to protect our customers and myself from infectious diseases, how to make a good design, and of course, how to make a great tattoo. All of it happened at the old tattoo studio at Ribnjak in Zagreb, Croatia, where I spent four years. Accidentally, we ended up as a United tattoo studios ZAGREB and GANDALF, when we were united with another tattoo studio. I continued to clean, sterilize, draw, tattoo, talk to customers, and learn more from my dear mentor.

It is difficult to speak about my specialities, but my favourites, and most tattooed in the last years were fairies, flowers, fantasy, ornaments, everything that is “cute”, traditionals (black and white, and in colour), and portraits. I did many things in life; needlework, crochet, sewing, airbrush, I’ve also designed my own clothes and made jewellery. Lately I’m spending my time mostly drawing my own tattoo designs, but my views are wide open because I love all kinds of creative work.

Ladybug Hourglass Santa Muerte Santa Muerte Santa Muerte Santa Muerte Grandpa and granddaughter Little Prince Cat Poppy Flower Scorpion Fairy Cat Fairy Flowers Butterflies Fairy Lily Portrait Phoenix Dragonfly Marie Flowers Butterfly Flower Skull Butterflies Swallows Cherry Flover Phoenix Fairy Candy tree