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I started tattooing in 2007 after I tried on myself just to play. And the play was very fun! So I’ve decided to use all my years of drawing to transport it in to the skin. In that time I was working as mechanic in a garage next to my parent’s house in Novara, 40km fro Milan. The passion was growing more and more and in october 2009 I decided to go alone in Thailand for one month to practice, practice, practice. I’ve been in Thailand Tattoo School, where I improved my knowledge about styles and fixing tattoo machines. In that time I met a friend that after few months is gonna call me to work in his shop in India. That friend, named Naveen own the Irezumi tattoo studio in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. After months of frustrating work at the garage (because then my only way to see the life was already of making tattoos), I just left and with few money I went to Chennai for 3 months. In India I had a lot of practice on tribals and small black works. While I was there I was checking some ads on an italian tattoo forum and I’ve seen the one that now is the Nero Ink Tattoo Studio Milano, from november 2010. During the years I’ve met a lot of other tattoo artists, I’ve made thousands of tattoos, I’ve been in conventions and improved my style going more on the old school stuff.

In 2014 I’ve met Kristina, my girlfriend, and after 2 years, in april 2016 we opened together the Nero Ink Tattoo Studio Zagreb, in the center of the Croatian capital city. In the end of 2016 a new partnership started, and with Gentlemen’s Shop based in Rijeka we opened the Nero Ink Tattoo Studio Rijeka.

In Croatia I had the opportunity to meet and become friend with Marin Urbanc, owner of Gandalf Tattoo, historical studio in Zagreb center, and we decided to have a collaboration and open together the Bullseye Tattoo, placed on the beautiful center of Biograd na Moru, next to Zadar. The partnership with Gentlemen’s Shop continue with a new project based in Opatja, that we are gonna open in the beginning of july 2017.

On your skin since 2010 Hardcore for life

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