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Postseason tattooing in Biograd-09/21/2017

Compas and anchor

From 16th to 21st October 2017. Marin and Enrico will tattooing again in Biograd na Moru. To make appointment for tattooing call in GANDALF TATTOO in Zagreb. Please call during opening days (MON-FRI) in period from 12:00PM to 08:00PM on telephone number: +385 1 485 44 66. Also appointment for tattooinge you can realize via our Facebook page or e-mail info@bullseyetattoostudio.com. For now there is still available dates for tattooing but some days is already booked. Anyone interested for tattooing in that period should make appointment as soon as possible.

Tattoo Galleries

In tattoo galleries you can see the photographs of the tattoo made by our tattooists. Tattoos on photographs are of informative character. Most of the tattoos you see in the galleries are unique tattoos, which means they are made for custom orders (custom tattoo). In the galleries there are also cataloged tattoos, and tattoos that were made according to custom templates. The tattoos that are found in our gallery are not copied because as stated is mainly about unique tattoos but without problems we can make a tattoo design in line with existing tattoos from the gallery with certain modifications. Still, it is not nice to copy someone's personality displayed through the tattoo media.

The works of our tattoos are distinctly different, they are only the same in the technical sense of the tattoo performance quality. We advise you before you decide to tattoo, browse all the works and choose the tattooists that stylefully matches your wishes.

Marin Urbanc

"Gandalf Tattoo"

Marin Urbanc

total number of tattoos in gallery: 32

Stela Urbanc

"Gandalf Tattoo"

Stela Urbanc

total number of tattoos in gallery: 31

Enrico Migliorati


Enrico Migliorati

total number of tattoos in gallery: 9

Bullseye Tattoo guest tattooists

Alan Sekovanić

"Baraba Ink"

Alan Sekovanić

total number of tattoos in gallery: 5

About Us

Gandalf Tattoo NeroInk

The Bullseye Tattoo was conceived as an idea by Enrico (Nero Ink) and Marin (Gandalf Tattoo) on April 9, 2017. From the idea to realization, the journey lasted four months, and on the weekends we would be between Zagreb and Biograd work day and night on our studio where we work now.

Why is Biograd na Moru ?! Why not! One of the most beautiful parts of Croatia. Town size of the average Zagreb neighbourhood that has a millennial history. In XI. Century was the place of Croatian kings and bishops, and a thousand years later it became the seat of one of the best tattoo artists in Croatia. Without fake modesty, check out our galleries and you will see that it is exactly like that.

The name Bullseye we have chosen because it means "hit the spotlight", "center of the target" because it combines two renowned names from the tattoo world of Gandalf Tattoo and Nero Ink in one of the world's most enchanting worlds. Long years of professional tattooing in continental Croatia we have developed brands and acquired a clientele that is targeted to Croatia from all parts of Europe just to tattoo here with us. Through professional tattooing we want to expand the tourist offer of quality services on the Adriatic coast and to attract as many guests as possible with our work. The permanent staff of Bullseye Tattoo is Kristina Šalinović, Enrico Migliorati, Stela and Marin Urbanc. Kristina is not doing tattoos, but she makes us more beautiful. In our tattoo salon with permanent exhibition, we will also occasionally have tattoo artists from other Croatian and foreign tattoo salons. The schedule of permanent and casual tattoo artists will be available on calendar of our web pages so you can keep up with us.


Grgura Ninskog 10
23210 Biograd na Moru
telephone: +38523646885
e-mail: info@bullseyetattoostudio.com
working hours: 04:00PM - 12:00PM

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

As for everything tattooing has myths and facts. The most common myths we have touched in the section of frequently asked questions,and we have argued with facts. Before you decide to tattoo, you must pass this section.