Are minors allowed to get tattooed?

By Croatian laws there is no age limit under which a person is banned from being tattooed, so the rules vary according to each tattoo studio policy. In our tattoo studio if you are an older minor (16 and 17 yrs of age) you can get a tattoo with a written and personal confirmation of your parent or guardian, meaning you and your parent or guardian have to come to the tattoo studio. Your identity and the identity of your parent or guardian will be determined by a document with a picture such as an identity card or a passport. Your document has to match the one of your parent or guardian in the name and surname and the place of residence. If your surname or the lace of residence does not match the one of your parent or guardian it is necessary to show us your birth certificate. It is necessary for the guardians to show us a document of guardianship.

For customers over the age of 18 there is no limit to get tattooed but if we suspect that you are under the age of 18 we will ask for a document that proves otherwise.